Your clinical administrative back-office support for a more efficient healthcare operations

Global Healthcare Partners understands that delays in processing, documentation and other administrative work can also cause delays in delivering care. Time is a critical factor in providing care and saving lives, and our company provides fast and reliable administrative and clinical staffing solutions, so you can keep providing efficient healthcare services.

Our Expertise

Clinical Review and Documentation

If you are looking to offshore your clinical review and documentation processes, you can rely on our experienced clinical staff who are locally licensed Registered Nurses. They are trained to ensure legibility, accuracy and timeliness when opening, encoding, reviewing and safekeeping diagnoses, medical charting statements, physical examination findings, patient medications, procedure requests and other arrangements for continuing care.

Onboarding and Compliance

You can seamlessly transition your overall onboarding and compliance operations by getting support from a reliable offshore team at Global Healthcare Partners. Aside from cutting costs, this can also help you ensure a quicker turnaround time when conducting interviews, doing background checks, educating new hires about the organization’s rules and regulations and even clinical referencing onboarding staff.

Medical Billing and Coding

We employ fully qualified personnel with U.S. billing and coding experience in both home health and hospital settings. They review and process patient documents, evaluate medical data and also process bills. Our staff finished their education in the fields of nursing, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy and have passed the trainings and certifications to earn relevant licenses.

International Recruitment Consulting

Our team is experienced in providing hospitals and facilities with highly skilled, well-trained nurses for long-term commitments. Getting healthcare workers from international sources, Global Healthcare Partners maintains a selection of qualified nurses to help medical facilities meet financial, operational and clinical care goals. This prepares the facility for a long-term nurse staffing plan.

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